Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Best Road to Health and Fitness - P90X!

Are you working out at all? I'm talking even walking the dog. If so, then you should sign up for a FREE WOWY account and win some money and free swag!

What's WOWY? It stands for Work Out With You and it's an online super gym - FREE - and each day, they give out cash and prizes - some days it's $300, camcorders, ipods, cameras and then one day a week - it's $1,000!!!! All you have to do is log in when you start your workout and log out when you're done! No commitments! Easy enough, right?
To get a WOWY account, go to my page:

Click on PLAY THE GAME (Just click below).

You'll have to fill out your profile and ... post a "before" pic (I know, it's no fun, but you'll be glad you did once you have your chiseled body!!!) - no pic = no prizes - so post the pic!!!!
Now then, if you want help with nutrition - they have a Club Membership that will give you a customized meal plan based on your goals, transformation trackers and diaries to log how you're progressing, message boards that have lots of answers and Thin Kitchen (videos with great healthy recipes!!!) The Club Membership is $2.99 a day, and billed quarterly (So you're now actually spending less than a coffee at Starbucks for personal training and nutrition!) I think it's a great tool - you can't just walk on a treadmill and all of a sudden have abs of steel - you have to put the right stuff IN your body too in order to make that happen! If you're interested, click on my page:

Click on JOIN THE CLUB. (just click below)

Workout DVDs - Beachbody has several different options that you can choose from they're WAY cheaper than a gym membership, and you don't need a lot of room (a hotel room is fine if you travel a lot) and you don't need a lot of equipment (a mat, some bands or hand weights, possibly a pullup bar)- here are some that I recommend - there are short video promos - they'll give you an idea of what to expect:
Power 90 - This is the best overall intro package - it will get you amazing results!! It's cardio and sculpting too - workout times range from 30 - 45 mintues. Will really sculpt your body - I highly recommend it: Power 90 Video

P90X - This is the real deal, the ultimate workout. You know those guys from the film 300? This is it - muscle confusion! By changing the workouts every day, then changing that whole cycle every 30 days, your muscles never plateau, and you just keep getting fitter! Yoga X, Kenpo X Karate, X Stretch, Core Synergistics, Plyometrics (Jump Training), Shoulders & Arms, Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X, Cardio X, Legs & Back, Chest Shoulders & Triceps - It's all here! BRING IT: P90X Video

Turbo Jam - It's similar to Tae-bo. Fun, funky and silly. The workouts range from 20 minutes to about 45 minutes and include cardio and sculpting routines: Turbo Jam Video

Hip Hop Abs - It's more of your dance-y, funky kinda workout: Hip Hop Abs Video
Yoga Booty Ballet - It's a little more "hippie/granola" but man, you'll find muscles you never knew you had (great for lower abs). And it's a nice first intro to yoga for people who are a little hesitant!: Yoga Booty Ballet Video

Slim in Six - this one is a six week program - It's a total body workout, so you'll mix cardio and weights together. But very effective: Slim in Six Video

So watch the clips and let me know if you have any questions. If you find one you like and want to get it, you can go to my page:

Click on SHOP FOR PRODUCTS (just click below):

Coaching Program - So, you're about to undergo serious transformation to gear up for your vacation, lifestyle change, etc... - and people are going to start asking you what you're doing to look so great - Beachbody has a Coaching Program (I'm a coach!) that is more of a motivational/peer support thing (as opposed to a personal trainer thing). As a Coach, you'll get 25% off all purchases as well as profit percentages from all purchases made by the members you coach! Plus, once you reach Emerald level (having 2 active coaches under you) - Beachbody gives you paying customers - like the people that call in that see the infomercials! You no longer have to find your own customers to coach! And you get profits based on what they order! My cousin Jimmy made almost $700 last month alone - and it keeps going up - there are some coaches that have retired from corporate America by just helping people get fit and healthy! Beachbody spends $90 million a year on advertising and they get between 15 and 30 thousand paying customers a week. So they offer the Coach's program to provide their customers with personalized treatment. Here's a video that explains more about the profit part of it: Coach Compensation Video

If you're interested in becoming a coach, click on my page:

Click on Be A Coach (just click below):

By the way, if you're interested in becoming a coach, I suggest that you become a coach BEFORE buying P90X so you'll get the 25% discount! Make sure it's the regular P90X and not the P90X+ - that's the next step!!!

I'd love to see folks I care about get in better shape using this program!

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Jimmy Hays Nelson said...

This stuff works! I have won over $1300 thru Beachbody JUST for working out! It keeps me motivated on those days I don't want to workout. Free daily prizes in WOWY-- and the monthly prizes of $1000-$10,000 thru the Million Dollar Body Game-- with a grand prize of $250,000 - if that doesn't get you off your couch- I'm not sure what does!